Michaela Čambálová
photographer and painter

Michaela Pospíšilová - fotografka,argentotypie,van dyke,sépiový tisk,olejotisk,bromolejotisk,gumotisk,pigment,uhlotisk,historické techniky,alternativní techniky

Photography is a visual poem. It is able to capture that, what words often can not do. It can cause feelings, desires, hopes.

Photography is not about technique, but about feelings. The photographer has to be able to share part of himself in his work. Only then does the photograph become Photography and not simply a senseless image.

Technique is perhaps the only thing, that can be taught. Other skills needed in Photography, must be learned on one's own.
I wish to everybody good light while searching his own way.


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Michaela Pospisilova Cambalova- photographer,argentotypie,van dyke,lithprint,silver print,brown print,oil print,bromoil print,gum print,pigment,carbon print,alternative photographie