Michaela Čambálová
photographer and painter

about me

I was born in 1973 in Prague. We ended up at north Moravia to earn money. The coal district of Karviná became our home. It took me long to get used to this region destroyed by the industry. I perceived it for a long time as a stinky, dirty and grey place. However, suddenly it started to change in my eyes. I started to appreciate things I didn´t notice before and that was thanks to photography. It showed me the horizons. It allowed the emotions to come in and also out of me. It changed my life absolutely. I began to learn more about myself. New people crossed my ways and we´re friends with lot of them until now. Thanks to photography i met my life partner Rasťo Čambál.

Both of us – independently – were interested in historical photographical techniques. In 2012 we moved together to Prague and founded our company Mamutphoto. Photography is essential part of our lifes. Permanently, we like to discover something new. Our company makes available for people hundred years old techniques of photography creation. The service concerns both experiences and material background. In Mamut-photo.com e-shop we offer everything that is needed when someone wants to make photographs with historical techniques.

We organize the workshops dealing with particular techniques. We provide longterm consultations which help to find the way of self-expression through photography.

We are honnored to be at the begining of the ways of the others.

My seeing of life changes all the time and the photographs I make change in the same way.

I´m grateful to the people who I have met in my life. Everybody has influenced me somehow.

Thank you everybody.


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